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Stretch Mark Treatment

by Smileest #GülerekGüzelleşin

Mesotherapy is the method of injecting various vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid and amino acid-containing drugs into the dermis (middle layer) just under the skin with the help of small needles.

The reason for the cracks in the skin is the damage to the collagen and elastic fibers that make up the connective tissue due to the tension and pressure on the skin.

Cracks appear as red or purple straight lines in the early period. In this period, the chance of treatment with high success rates is possible with crack mesotherapy. In the advanced period (old cracks), they turn into a sunken and wrinkled appearance from the mother-of-pearl, gray skin. During this period, the success of the treatment of cracks decreases.

Stretch mark mesotherapy is one of the most preferred methods in the treatment of cracks. It is made with special drugs that can repair the damaged connective tissue of the skin in the crack area.

This mesotherapy cocktail is applied directly to the cracks just under the skin with special mesotherapy needles. The appearance of cracks is reduced with treatment and their size is reduced.

Stretch mark mesotherapy is applied in a short time like 10-15 minutes. There is no feeling of pain during and after the procedure. 4 – 6 treatment sessions may be required, every 10 – 14 days. Especially after the 3rd treatment session, the connective tissue begins to renew itself and there are significant improvements in the appearance of the cracks.