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Thread Face Lift

İple Yüz Askılama

With aging, the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue shift downwards. As a result of this change, the flatness of the jaw line is impaired, sagging on the cheeks and folds occur around the mouth. The process of restoring the displaced tissue with the threads with small awns on it is called thread suspending treatment.

After this application with local anesthesia, irregularities can be seen on the skin for 1-2 weeks. The effect of this treatment, whose results start immediately, gradually increases up to 4-6 months.

It continues its effect for up to 2 years. Thanks to the thread suspension treatment, rejuvenation is provided by staying true to the original without increasing the volume on your face. There will be no change in your mimic movements. Not only on the face, the same method can also be used on sagging body areas such as neck and arms, legs, knees, abdomen.

Eyebrows that are genetically low or that have fallen with age can also be lifted with rope suspension.

Spider web
It is a treatment performed by placing threads made of PDO, PLA, which is the internal suture material, under the skin with the help of thin needles, like a cage or spider web. As these fusible threads melt, they form a healing tissue consisting of the person’s own tissue. Thanks to this new tissue formed, skin tightening, revitalization, renewal and tension occur. Treatment with local anesthetic creams shows its effect for 2-5 years, depending on the age of the person.

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