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The word meaning of peeling is “peeling”. Chemical peels are used for the purpose of healing and correcting the skin by peeling the upper layers of the skin at various depths with various chemical substances. Substances such as glycolic acid, mandelic acid, salicylic acid, other fruit acids and TCA are used in peeling treatment.

Peeling treatments are used for skin color and texture irregularities, for skin renewal and cleaning. During the treatment, it removes the damaged, worn, damaged skin on the surface of the skin at varying depths according to the concentrations of the acids and the duration of their stay on the skin. Except for mild burning, stinging and itching, pain is not felt during the application. No anesthesia is required. Applications are 3-12 sessions depending on the condition of the skin. Session intervals vary between 2-8 weeks. After the cure treatment is finished, it is recommended to perform a reminder treatment at intervals of 3-6 months in order to preserve the condition of the skin.

After peeling, you should not go out in the sun and use sunscreen creams. Chemical Peeling can be used in combination with special treatments, PRP, laser treatments, mesolifting, radiofrequency according to the needs of the skin.

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