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Ozone Therapy

Ozon Terapi

It is a treatment method that aims to provide the tissues and cells with the oxygen they need in the most effective way by using ozone gas, which is an active oxygen molecule.

  • Giving blood from the muscle (Giving 5-10cc of blood mixed with ozone gas to the arm or hip muscle)
  • Intravenous blood donation (slow return of 50-100cc blood mixed with ozone in special bottles from the vein)
  • Ozone-mesotherapy (injection of ozone gas with fine needles into the middle layer of the skin) used in 3 different ways.

Ozone Therapy for stress and chronic fatigue; Stress in business life, intense work pace, mental and physical fatigue are effectively relieved by ozone therapy. Professional athletes benefit greatly from this treatment. Ozone increases physical endurance. It is also an effective treatment for strengthening the immune system and increasing body resistance. It increases the metabolic rate and facilitates weight loss. It is also used in the treatment of rheumatic reactions and diseases in the body.

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