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Non-Surgical Eyelid Aesthetics

istanbul göz kapağı estetiği

The basic principle in the application is the sublimation (vaporization) of lesions such as unwanted tissues, scars and spots on the skin by using plasma energy.

One of the most common uses of plasma energy is the non-surgical correction of the elongated upper eyelid. This application can be used to improve the skin of the lower eyelid as well as the upper lid.

There is not enough pain to require anesthesia during the application. However, if necessary, it can be anesthetized with anesthetic creams or local anesthetic agents in the application area. After the application, small, brown, black crusts and mild edema will occur in the application area.

Edema within a few hours to a few days; crusting will disappear spontaneously in a period of 7-20 days.

Although the treatment process varies from patient to patient, more than one session may be required. If necessary, it can be re-applied to the same area after 3 weeks. After the application, temporary color changes, raised or hollow areas may occur in the application area.

Plasma energy can also be used in the destruction of benign masses on the skin and mucous membranes, in the treatment of acne scars, active acne and blemishes.