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Smileest Makaleler

Makalelerimiz bilgilendirme amaçlıdır. Doğru tanı ve tedavi için doktorunuza başvurunuz

Before medical aesthetic applications…

Time is ticking, technologies are developing and naturally we want to keep up with this change. We want the parts of our body that we can beautify and that we think can be better get their share from this process. If we think that the essence of the job is to feel better, self-confident and beautiful, we know that all efforts made in this way are permissible. However, it should not be forgotten that the work in the field of aesthetics is not ONLY based on beauty, our health is of great importance. At this point, VERY IMPORTANT topics that should be considered before having medical aesthetic applications draw attention. Let’s examine…

different and special

We know that billions of people in the world are different from fingerprints to hair, from DNA to temperament. We are all different, so even the slightest medical procedure should be different for us and in a way that is unique to us. Needs and conditions must be taken into account. You must correctly determine what you really need on your face or body. Of course, you can get help from doctors you trust. Because the applications you don’t need just for the sake of getting beautiful or following the trends will not contribute to you…

“You are much more beautiful like this…”

Let us remind you that you should be skeptical about whether the transactions you see and like in someone else are really suitable for you. “Let’s not be someone else, let’s be ourselves…” In other words, let’s proceed naturally in a way that is most suitable for ourselves and does not make us look like someone else.

The right doctor and trust relationship

The aesthetic sector, which is developing and keeping up with the change with each passing second, unfortunately brings with it a negative situation with this feature. People who do not receive the necessary training in their field, do not develop and train themselves, and even those who are not physicians make these applications. Our recommendation to you is to entrust yourself to physicians who are meticulous about health, who are experts in their work, who have strong communication with the patient, and who give confidence. Examining the biographies of the physicians and observing the institutions they work in should also be included in the selection of the right physician in the research you have done before the application.

Finally, do not forget to get detailed information with a consultation appointment one step before the application you want to have.